Just a spoonful of sugar... oh, let's be real!



This was my oops cake.  I made three 6" layers and ran out of Pam so I used Crisco.  The two with Crisco stuck to the pan...  it wasn't pretty (Crisco, you're dead to me!).

So...  I used those 3 layers as oops cake to practice with and decided to make a double layer oh-so-sweet pink ombre cake for our friend's little girl, Bella.  I applied 2 crumb coats--  my first crumb coats ever!

Crumb coats are almost as brilliant as purse hangers!

Then I divided my buttercream frosting into 3 colors, with extra in the lightest pink for the top.  After carefully applying rings of frosting around the cakes I used a flat sided dealibob, this  Wilton Decorate Smart Icing Smoother, to spread the frosting around the cake and smooth it the best that I could.

I like the imperfect sides, actually.

I added rosettes and pearls and more pearls and some sparkly sugar and then Adam hand delivered it to Bella.  That sweet face.  I think it was a success!


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