Just a spoonful of sugar... oh, let's be real!

My Fuchsia Ombre Rosette Cake

My Fuchsia Ombre Rosette Cake
I am in love with how this turned out!
I wanted to try an all over rosette cake like the ones I’ve seen all over Pinterest and Instagram, I think they are so beautiful!  They are the reason I went all out and bought 3 pans in every size and multiple 1M tips.  So much frosting though…  so I needed to find my frosting groove.   I made several buttercreams and a batch of chocolate cupcakes and Adam helped me to find the buttercream that I will love forever.
Sooo much buttercream…  happy birthday to Margaret!
The buttercream that won and that I used with this chocolate cake is here, and the magic is running your mixer on high for at least 5 minutes, if not a few more.  This recipe has been a perfect consistency for me to apply rosettes, without any need for milk or cream, and crusts very nicely.


3 cups (6 sticks) butter
2 t vanilla
2 T meringue powder
2 lbs powdered sugar
Cream butter on medium, add vanilla, meringue powder and a third of the sugar.  Mix until incorporated.  Add the next third of sugar and mix.  Add the last of the sugar and when it's mixed, turn mixer to high for at least 5 minutes.  Heaven in a bowl!

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